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A. Caspersen Company is Summit County’s premiere home improvement and remodeling company. We continually strive to meet the demands of homeowners who, like you, want the best. We specialize in primarily exterior remodeling, such as windows, siding, roofing, and doors. We offer high quality materials and top notch craftsmanship for all your remodeling needs. With over 40 years of residential home improvement experience, A. Caspersen Company is the remodeling company you can trust. We pride ourselves in offering experience, honesty, and integrity to our customers. We give you a good value for your hard-earned money. 

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A. Caspersen Company Inc. Named by REMODELING Magazine to its 2019 Big50 Class of America’s Top Remodelers

Chelsea Caspersen

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- [A. Caspersen Company Inc.] has been selected by REMODELING magazine to join the REMODELING Big50. Each year since 1986, the REMODELING Big50 inducts 50 remodeling companies that have set exceptionally high standards for professionalism and integrity through exemplary business practices, craftsmanship, and impact in their community or the industry at large. Big50 remodelers run successful, often growing, companies of various sizes that have taken the lead in raising industry standards.

Since the Big50 program began, REMODELING has selected about 1,600 firms for Big50 status, approximately less than 2% of all remodeling businesses in the country today.

“We are honored to receive this distinction,” says Chelsea C. Caspersen, Vice President of A. Caspersen Company. “The award recognizes excellence and leadership, and we are privileged to be named to this select group of remodelers.”

REMODELING editors, columnists, industry leaders, and the companies themselves make the nominations each year. Following a lengthy evaluation and interview process, the editors select the 50 individuals who exemplify the best of the industry that year, and who have something to offer other remodelers in proven practices.

This year’s Big50 includes full-service remodelers, home improvement firms, and specialists in specific parts of the homes, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Some have a history going back decades, while others are just a few years old. “There’s no single strategy here and no lack of competitors for their services,” REMODELING’s introduction to the list declares. “What Big50 firms share is a culture that celebrates employees and customer service above all.”

President of A. Caspersen Company, Eric A. Caspersen states, “I could not be more pleased to have the honor of receiving this prestigious award! I am most proud of my daughter, Chelsea, for choosing to continue the A. Caspersen Company legacy of faith and integrity.” 

The 2019 Big50 winners are featured in the July-August issue of REMODELING, a national trade publication read by more than 150,000 professional remodeling contractors. Longer profiles of the winners are posted on the REMODELING website, remodelingmag.com.

REMODELING, published by Hanley Wood, is the leading publication in the home improvement industry. REMODELING has and continues to be the indispensable tool that remodelers cannot do without—delivering the business know-how, product and technical information that home improvement pros need to help make smart decisions that will shape their success.

For more information, visit www.remodeling.hw.net 
For more information on A. Capersen Company Inc., visit www.acaspersenco.com

Chelsea Caspersen
Vice President

A photo accompanying this announcement is available at https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/2ce4f0d8-2de3-4920-b894-20156e600261

Let your money work for you by investing your tax return - Tax Day 2019

Chelsea Caspersen

Tax day was this week and while many retailers are offering tax free purchases on everyday items, we at A. Caspersen Company like to take a long haul approach that will not only help you save on utilities today but will also offer up potential long-term gains by increasing the equity of your home. The tried and tested axiom that “you shouldn’t work for money but let your money work for you” goes hand in hand with the idea that it is better to work smarter and not harder. This year is no different and here is why A. Caspersen Company encourages you to consider building your investment by reinvesting your tax return into a home renovation today.

tax day.jpg

Your house is one of your largest assets, so why not make it your dream home. Our team specializes in exterior home improvements, and when we are completed with your home improvements, not only will you smile every time you pull into your driveway, but you will also be increasing the value of your home. New windows, siding, roofing, and doors increase your curb appeal but also increase energy efficiency which you will save on the long run with utility bills. In addition, all of our products are maintenance-free (besides the occasional cleaning) and so you will never spend another dime or any time on painting again.

Let’s get to some facts, below are the results of the 2018 Remodeling Cost versus Value Report for the Greater Akron, OH area showing the percentage of the cost you will recoup when you go to sell your home:

  • Vinyl Window Replacement: 74%

  • Entry door (Steel): 91%

  • Roofing: 68%

  • Siding: 77%

So this spring, let’s take what Uncle Sam has given back and invest in our homes, in our planet and most importantly, ourselves.

Home Humidity & Window Condensation

Chelsea Caspersen

A common question and concern is window condensation. You may notice moisture on your windows on a cold winter day (“sweaty windows”) and typically the first thing people do is blame their windows, you shouldn’t. Let us explain to you the causes behind your “sweaty windows” and understand how we can fix this.


What is Condensation?

Let’s first understand condensation.

Condensation occurs when water vapor (a gas) turns into water droplets as it comes into contact with a cold surface. The point at which this happens (called the “dew point”) depends on the temperature and humidity of the inside air. The warmer the indoor air, the more water vapor it can “hold,” and moisture can better remain in the vapor state. When air moves next to a cold window, the temperature drops and it can’t “hold” as much vapor. That’s when you start to see condensation forming.

Why is there condensation on the inside of my windows?

Excess humidity (indoor moisture). A surface that is cooler than room temperature is more likely to show condensation. Condensation is generally seen first on windows and sliding glass doors because they tend to have the lowest temperature of any of the visible surfaces in the house.

What should the humidity level be in my home?

Every homeowner should own a hygrometer that measures temperature and relative humidity (RH). The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is about 30–50%. In the winter months, it may have to be lower than 40% RH to avoid condensation on the windows.

What happens if I have too much humidity?

  • Visible condensation on windows / water stains

  • A musty odor in your home, and/or basement and crawl space

  • Allergic reactions to mold and/or dust mites

  • Visible mold growth in your home, basement, and/or crawl space

  • Cupped wood floors

  • Feeling "sticky" or "muggy"

  • Peeling wallpaper/blistering paint

Do drapes and window shades cause window condensation?

No, but drapes and other window coverings can restrict the flow of warm room air over glass surfaces. Therefore, condensation is more likely to occur when drapes are closed and shades are pulled down.

Does condensation occur only in winter?

Usually, but it can occur during cold weather anytime, and occasionally it will form on the outside of windows on hot, humid summer days, when your air conditioner has cooled the glass.

Why is there condensation on the outside of my windows?

Outside condensation results from unusual conditions when the air outside is slightly humid and warmer than the temperature of your window glass. This can occur when the weather is neither warm nor cold.

Outside condensation means your windows are not allowing any heat transfer. So if you have some fog on the outside of your windows, you can relax. Your windows are just doing a good job of insulating your home.

What about condensation in between the panes of glass? 

This may indicate a seal failure, and you should contact your window dealer, as this is covered by your warranty.

How should I reduce condensation?

  • Reduce moisture sources

    • Run a dehumidifier, don’t run humidifiers.

    • Run the fan while you shower (or open a window).

    • Don’t air-dry clothes.

  • Increase home ventilation

    • If you have a hot air furnace, install an outside fresh air intake so that high humidity interior air is not being pumped back into the house.

    • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry.

    • Make sure you have adequate attic ventilation.

  • Replace Old Windows

    • Old windows with single pane glass, inadequate insulation, and metal spacers conduct the cold

    • Energy efficient windows will have a higher condensation resistance rating (shown on NFRC label) because of the technology of double pane glass and insulation factors. However, if the humidity is too high in your house your windows will still show condensation.